2019 Exceptional Emerging Professional Award
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Policy Statement: Annually, may be awarded to one Associate or Full Member in the early stage of their professional life, who represents the highest standard of excellence, has a proven record of professional involvement, innovation, and impact, and shows potential for greater involvement, innovation, and impact.

Eligibility: ASLA Florida Associate or Full Member with less than ten years in the profession, who has not previously received the award. Though it is understood that the nominees do not have a long professional record, eligible nominees must be able to show an increasingly exceptional record over the duration of their emerging career.

Nomination Process: At any time, any ASLA Florida Fellow or Chapter past president, or any member of the Chapter Executive Committee may nominate an eligible Member by sending name of nominee and a one paragraph justification for nomination to exceptional@aslaflorida.org. Eligible nominees will be invited and guided by the Fellows Committee to begin the nomination submission process. Nominees who remain eligible may submit for three consecutive years without being renominated.

Nomination Submission Requirements: Prepare and submit a maximum two-page submission signed by an ASLA Fellow not serving on the award jury. Provide supporting evidence to document the nominee’s roles and responsibilities, and how their work is making exceptional positive impact on the public and the profession. Write in third person, highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments. Write as though the jurors have no previous knowledge of the nominee. Include one testimonial. For convenience and consistency, use format similar to template used by ASLA Council of Fellows. Indicate the date(s) of their ASLA Florida or ASLA membership. Unlike the ASLA Council of Fellows there are no categories for nomination. Complete nomination statements submitted electronically (PDF) by eligible nominees on or before April 1 to exceptional@aslaflorida.org will be forwarded to the jury for consideration. Eligible nominations will be forwarded to the Jury.

Jury: Three Florida Fellows recommended by the Florida Fellows Committee Chair and appointed by the ASLA Florida Chapter President. Under no circumstances may members of the jury be contacted regarding pending nomination submissions. Jury convenes by phone following individual review of all eligible nomination submissions. Jury selects one recipient


July 1 The jury is announced. ASLA Florida begins promoting the Award opportunity and instructions (big push during annual conference). By March 1 Members are asked to recommend eligible emerging professionals to exceptional@aslaflorida.org. Eligible Members need

a month or more to prepare their nomination submission.


April 15 (on or about) – Jury completes individual submission reviews and convenes by phone to select the year’s recipient.

April 30 (on or about) – By phone, with follow up letter, Chapter President notifies Award recipient.

April 30 (on or about) – By email, Fellows chair notifies nominees who were not elected, and advises them that they may resubmit in the following two years, if they remain eligible.

Recognition: A $250 travel stipend, up to three nights complementary hotel room, and complementary registration to ASLA Florida Annual Conference & Expo. At the ASLA Florida Annual Conference & Expo:

§ Recipient is recognized ceremoniously.

§ Recipient invited to breakfast with past presidents and fellows.

§ Framed certificate is presented with embossed Chapter Seal and signature of Chapter President.

§ The Jury may recommend that recipient be invited by the Chapter to present a course, introduce key note, or moderate panel.

§ Statewide and National distribution of press release announcing the recipient of the award.

§ Recipient featured in Chapter news and website and used by Chapter as recruitment material.

Administration: Annually, with oversight of the ASLA Florida Chapter Executive Committee, administration of the award will be the responsibility of the Chapter Fellows Committee.

Florida Fellows -Exceptional Emerging Professional Award – Established by the ASLA Florida Chapter Executive Committee March 23, 2016

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