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Government Affairs Report - December 2019

Monday, December 30, 2019   (0 Comments)
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    Government Affairs' Report



To:                   ASLA Florida Members


From:              Diana Ferguson, Lobbyist


Date:               December 15, 2019 

The 2020 Legislative season is in full swing, with several weeks of committee meetings having already been held and legislation starting to move through its process.  Legislative session will begin in early January and there are a number of bills that we will be carefully tracking, which are included at the end of this message.  There is one bill in particular that is sure to get your attention, so we wanted to provide you with additional information on what it does and how we are handling it.

Legislative Review (“Sunset”) of Occupational Regulations

HB 707 by Representative Renner and SB 1124 by Senator Diaz create a one-time systematic review of all occupational regulations.  It is their view that industries that need to be regulated will withstand regular evaluation of their continued regulation, and that this will be an instrument to avoid continued regulation by default.  All regulations would be given a scheduled date of repeal before which the Legislature can choose to allow the regulatory program to expire, renew the program with our without modifications, or provide for other appropriate actions. 

The good news here is that our industry is in no way being singled out in this effort.  All regulated industries are carefully examining this legislation and are actively monitoring and participating in discussions on the topic.  ASLA Florida is fully engaged with members of the Legislature and other design professionals on the matter and will keep our members appraised of the situation as it evolves. 

Landscape architects, architects, and engineers are all scheduled for the latest date of repeal, July 1, 2024.  However, we firmly believe that regulation of all design professions is critical to the protection of the public health, safety and welfare.  We remain concerned that while our industry would surely continue to demonstrate the need for regulation, such required review could endanger the public by being subject to the unforeseeable legislative agendas and timelines of the future.  As such, we will urge the Legislature to remove the design professions from this legislation.

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